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Mario Delfino on Argentinea TV
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When you’re considering a consulting firm to actually provide credible knowledge in areas beyond your own expertise, the awards issued to A2Z Business Consulting speak volumes about who we are, and what we can do.

The company was founded by four partners, all of whom have different business backgrounds, knowledge, and practical experiences.

They have founded and run companies (or delivered services to) a wide variety of industry sectors.

Bruce T. Dugan Sr.
Bruce Dugan

Bruce T. Dugan is a creative serial entrepreneur with eclectic knowledge who was a thought leader in logistics for twenty years, servicing industry giants such s Dupont, Ford, MSC, Morgan Stanley Commodities, Couristan, Rubbermaid, and many others. He later forayed into entertainment and media, launching film and record labels, now serving as CEO of a marketing and technology agency. He served as CEO (full-time or interim) for several publicly -traded companies and has been named top CEO lists on several occasions, with his company being awarded Best in Class in several magazines in India and Argentina. Read more here.

Eddie Fahmy consultant
Eddie Fahmy

Eddie Fahmy served as a sales manager for one of the largest communication companies in the United States but spent most of his career in the restaurant industry — as a restaurateur and later consultant — who together with Bruce and Mario Delfino was a founder of Dinevite, for which he was named Entrepreneur of the Year in CEO Review Magazine. Read more about Eddie here.

Mario Delfino is a career technologist who serves a President and CTO of a technology agency, previously also serving as an adjunct technology professor at the University of Buenos Aires. and led the team that provided services to the government of Argentina, the capital city of Buenos Aires. many politicians, and corporate giants such as Carrier, MYV, Santander, and HSBC banks. in 2023 he was ranked by CTO Boardroom Media as one of the “World’s Top Technology Officers“.

Jim Stearrett
Jim Stearrett

Jim Starrett is a career-long Certified Public Accountant with an MBA specializing in accounting and finance. He made his bones at the big four, including significant time at Deloit as well as Earnt Young where he serviced large publicly-traded companies. He has also served as interim CFO at many companies, as well as comptroller for Latin American operations at the 6th largest ERP technology company in the world. Read more about Jim here.

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