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Project Description


Both the Federal Reserve Bank and American Express were clients of The Jannus Group, who supplied them both with paper. The Jannus Group came to Bruce (who at the time was running Transcom Freight Systems) with a dilemma.

Client: The Jannus Group

Year: 1995

Timeframe: 3 months

Main Service: Logistics

Extra Service: Warehousing and last-mile delivery



The Jannus Group needed a way to service American Express and the Federal Reserve Bank with same-day delivery, billed on a  per ream of paper. Nothing of the sort existed at the time.


We sought out local transport service companies that were too small to provide actual warehousing, but who provided same-day rush messenger service, and had enough storage space to accommodate a few skids of product. Since the freight industry was driven on a class vs. weight basis, a flat rate per piece matrix has to be created from the ground up.


Successfully developed a new first-of-its-kind pricing matrix for paper reams, and then built local paper storage and same-day rush service in 28 cities.
Fed Reserve map


Review From Our Client

Case Details
  • Client:

    AMEX - Fed Reserve Bank

  • Location:

    New York, NY

Developed a 28-city network for same-day rush paper delivery and a one-of-a-kind pricing matrix, flawlessly.


Jannus GroupSupplier to Amex and Fed Reserve