Bruce T. Dugan

Bruce Dugan, Sr


After being a trend-setter in logistics for 20 years, he forayed into entertainment, and then media and technology 

A creative entrepreneur with an eclectic knowledge base, he is an abstract thinker with a linear process. He spent the first 18 years of his career as founder and CEO of a logistics and transportation company that served industry leaders such as Dupont, Sumitomo, Rubbermaid, Couristan, MSC, ExhibitGroup, and Morgan Stanley. In the entertainment & media space, he founded and operated a nationally distributed record company, set up First Drum film productions that financed, co-produced — and negotiated international distribution for — a documentary that aired on Bravo TV (2003-2006) and an indie film distributed by Pathfinder Home Entertainment.

He has served as CEO for several publicly-traded companies and in 1999 challenged Jupiter Communications at a CEO Round Table Summit about the forthcoming convergence of new media and traditional media: they refuted his claim saying “Broadband is too expensive”, to which he pushed back “Are you f#cking crazy!!” rankling the room with murmurs, then continuing “Show me one time that business has not figured out how to affordably deliver — at a profit — anything that the consumer has wanted.” When you think of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Prime, and YouTube, it becomes evident whose vision was correct. And vision has been one of his attributes.

During his tenure as CEO of the last publicly-traded CEO position he successfully co-wrote [with James Stearrett] a REG-A (form 1-A) Offering Circular that was approved by the SEC in the spring of 2010.

Bruce T Dugan on Marketing Summit panel
Bruce T Dugan guest speaker at Marketing Summit 2015

He forayed into technology while living in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2005, where he co-founded Inicia Incorporated, and subsequently its Argentina-based i2MEDIALAB division (with Mario Delfino), and later, in 2013, founded the digital agency Incognito Worldwide, in Bangalore India.

Some of his more current projects co-funded with members of the A2Z team include, eventtigram, and

Under a pseudonym, he is a published songwriter, author, and magazine columnist/reporter. He is an avid traveler and his goals are to enjoy every day above ground and work with honorable people and interesting projects.

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Specialties: Entrepreneurship, start-up, project development, strategic planning, content development, logistics, marketing, consumer, and industry trend recognition, and fundraising materials design & development.

Bruce has been profiled in many magazines beginning in 2012, which you can review here.